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Capella della Torre - Renaissance goes JazzRenaissance goes Jazz
Live recording

Capella de la Torre
Markus Becker - piano
Michel Godard - serpent, tuba, electric bass
musical direction: Katharina Bäuml

Catalog number 21075

Renaissance ensemble Capella de la Torre on the one side, tuba player and composer Michel Godard and pianist Markus Becker on the other, combine jazz with the alien distance of the renaissance instruments by letting the past and the present meet and collide. They give worlds of differing memories a new form and let the heterogeneous become something new and homogenous. A co-production with NDR 1

"With the Renaissance ensemble Capella de la Torre on one side, and tuba player/composer Michel Godard and pianist Markus Becker on the other, jazz collides with an alien universe of renaissance instruments. The result in this live recording is entirely unexpected and brilliant, capturing the flavor and zest of the Renaissance's addictive mix of old and ancient instruments, providing an elusive, ingenious musical experience that refuses to be generalized."
Huffington Post


Sofia Gubaidulina
Galgenlieder à 5

Catalog number 21071

Barbara Höfling, mezzosopran
Elsbeth Moser, bajan
Gergely Bodoky, flute
Cornelia Monske, percussion
Martin Heinze, double bass

Dreyer Gaido Musikproduktion congratulates Sofia Gubaidulina on her 80th birthday with a recording of her “Galgenlieder à 5” (Gallows Songs à 5). The ensemble with the singer Barbara Höfling rehearsed the work in close conjunction with the composer and recorded it in 2011 at the studios of NDR Hanover.
“This recording is wonderful. The multitude of emotions in this 14-part compilation … is as astonishing as it is enjoyable.
And that Gubaidulina takes Morgenstern so seriously is a further plus for this music, which should even delight those classic lovers not well versed in New Music.”
Aachener Zeitung

"The fact is that in Galgenlieder Gubaidulina is clearly playing games of her own. ... one probably needs a substantial amount of background knowledge to appreciate those games. (One might almost suggest that she has done for music what James Joyce did for literature.) On the other hand one can abandon that quest for knowledge and simply take Galgenlieder ... as an irresistible journey through the rhetorical powers of sonority that is almost independent of any semantic level being expressed through the rhetoric."
Stephen Smoliar.


Página Esquecida – Portuguese music for cello and piano

Bruno Borralhinho, cello
Luísa Tender, piano

Catalog number 21054

This recording is entirely dedicated to Portuguese music for solo cello and cello/piano duet. We aim to make this repertoire better known in Portugal and abroad, as it includes some of the most significant Portuguese works of the past and current centuries. By recording this music, we wish to counteract the tendency for Portuguese cello repertoire to be dismissed as a “forgotten page” (Página Esquecida), abroad and even in Portugal. As we continue to honor these and other composers in our live performances, so we also hope our project stimulates the interpretation of Portuguese music by even more musicians.
Bruno Borralhinho & Luísa Tender

“Cellist Bruno Borralhinho and pianist Luísa Tender give utterly persuasive and authoritative readings of uniformly valuable yet virtually unknown music.“
Michael Cameron in fanfare magazine


Fernando Lopes-Graça (1906-1994)
Três Canções Populares Portuguesas
Página Esquecida
Três Inflorescências

António Vitorino d'Almeida (1940)
Três Bagatelas

Armando José Fernandes
Sonata for violoncello und piano

Frederico de Freitas (1902-1980)

Joly Braga Santos (1924-1988)
Ária I & II

Luís de Freitas Branco (1890-1955)
Sonata for violoncello and piano

Jorge Peixinho (1940-1995)
Récit for violoncello solo

Luiz Costa (1879-1960)
Sonata for violoncello and Klavier, op. 11

Cláudio Carneyro (1895-1963)
Sonatina for violoncello and piano


Ensemble Mediterrain
Isaac Albéniz: Suite Española / Ludwig van Beethoven: Septett in E flat major

Catalog number 21051

The 2009 world premiere of this chamber music version of the famous Suite Española op. 47 by the Spanish composer Isaac Albéniz, arranged for septet by Bruno Borralhinho, was dedicated by the Ensemble Mediterrain to the composer himself who had died 100 years earlier. The programme was rounded off with a “classic”, Ludwig van Beethoven’s Septet for Wind and Strings in E-flat major.

Laura Ruiz Ferreres, clarinet
Dmitry Babanov, french horn
Eduardo Calzada, bassoon
Daniela Jung, violin
Ori Kam, viola
Bruno Borralhinho, violoncello
Hiroaki Aoe, double bass

A coproduction with DeutschlandradioKultur


Alois Bröder - Chamber music with guitar mit Gitarre

14 neue Haiku

Drei Spiele
14 Haiku

Catalog number 21043

Christopher Brandt, guitar

Olaf Van Gonnissen, guitar

Eva Lebherz-Valentin, soprano

Martin Hummel, baritone

Friederike Richter, piano

Johannes Fischer, alto recorder

Linda Bangs, baritone saxophone

Christoph von Erffa, violoncello

Alois Bröder is a composer who knows how to bring together intellect and belly in his works. He writes pieces which have to be comprehended well for the open-minded listener. As a trained guitarist he has a faible for this instrument whose possibilities he exhausts. He revives the song accompanied with guitar (in the 19th century often usually), possibly in his both haiku cycles which were recorded with the soprano Eva Lebherz-Valentin, the baritone Martin Hummel and Christopher Brandt and published together with other works as Chamber Music with Guitar.Bröder writes fascinatingly for the respective instruments. The haiku songs are vocal in the disposition and also follow the meaning of the texts. The sounding of the instrumental music is enjoyed thoroughly in an ingenious way, and absorbing connections originate, possibly in the Abbozzi for guitar and piano, whereby the listener is astonished that both instruments fit so well. Similar happens in Drei Spiele for guitar, baritone saxophone and cello.
Heinz Zietsch(in: Darmstädter Echo, 23.7.2008)

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