Rudolf Hindemith Edition Volume 1

Rudolf Hindemith Edition, Vol. 1

Five Piano Pieces / Sonatina Nr. 7
Theme and Variations on „Ich hab’ die Nacht geträumet“
Der Spiegel for string quartet
Sextett – Serenade
Suite for piano and orchestra

Jutta Müller-Vornehm, piano (Five Piano Pieces, Sonatina)
Kolja Lessing, piano (Suite)
Members of Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Bremen (String Quartet, Serenade)
Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Bremen
George Alexander Albrecht

Catalog number 21009 

„Kolja Lessing as the soloist and Alexander Albrecht as conductor present the Suite for Piano and Orchestra as a very entertaining composition, …, which betrays the influence of Spanish folk music and jazz and is characterised in all its differing types of genre and movements by a laconic shortness. Rudolf Hindemith reveals a quite amazing originality and bubbly temperament.”