Friedhelm Döhl Edition Volume 1 Kammermusik SOUND OF SLEAT. Streichquartett WINTERREISE. Streichquintett Bruchstücke zur Winterreise für Klavier NOTTURNO für Akkordeon und Kontrabass

Friedhelm Döhl Edition Vol. 1
Chamber Music

Catalog number 21013

Sound of Sleat. String quartet
Winterreise. String quintet
Bruchstücke zur Winterreise for piano
Notturno for accordion and double bass

, Auryn-Quartett, Boris Pergamenschikow, James Tocco, Hugo Noth, Ovidiu Badila

"Döhls music represents a central aesthetic position of new art. To him, composing is asking questions of his 'self', music is a medium which he uses in his dealings with a world, whose brokenness and fragility is to be brought to light through art… The partial frugality of the angular contours, repetitive rhythms and glaring contrasts have a direct correlation to highly expressive cantability and dionysistic sound sensuality." Wilfried Gruhn, in 'Metzlers Composers Lexicon'

About the Friedhelm Döhl Edition

"Edition of the year" - Tilmann Urbach, Fono Forum 12/2009

"Performances and supporting documentation are admirable."
Cambridge University Press

„Une voix des profondeurs dans le désert du présent“
Fred Audin/ ClassiqueInfo-Disque, 2/2009