VON MÜTTERN UND TÖCHTERN  Dorothe Ingenfeld, Mezzosopran Anita Keller, Klavier Katrin Dasch, Klavier


Dorothe Ingenfeld, mezzo soprano
Anita Keller, piano
Katrin Dasch, piano

catalog number 21103

"How did I come to make a CD just with songs about mothers and daughters? My daughter was away for three weeks during the summer holidays and I wanted to use the creatively to record a CD. I looked at my favourite songs and discovered that three of them had this thematic connection. The obvious thing to do was to take this as a theme, so I sat down with both of my pianists and we looked for other such songs. We found over thirty of them, from which we chose the most beautiful songs and those we thought the most fitting. It was to be the most poetic summer of my life! I devoured books on the subject, watched films and talked to mothers and daughters about this most enthralling of all relationships. It was a source of infinite joy for me to slip into the roles of all these mothers and daughters and I wish you just as much joy while listening!"  Dorothe Ingenfeld