East Drive & Tamara Lukasheva Savka i Griška

East Drive & Tamara Lukasheva
Savka i Griška 
A Journey to an Eastern European Childhood

Catalog number 21101

Childhood is place of myths. A place full of miracles, fairy tales and adventures. The heritage of Eastern European childrens´ songs provides a sheer inexhaustible source of graceful, imaginative, mystical and humorous stories, of which East Drive collected the most beautiful ones to present in a new way on Savka i Griška, featuring the outstanding Ucrainian singer Tamara Lukasheva.

"'Savka i Griška' is an album dedicated to East European children's songs from Russia, Poland or the Balkans; songs which oscillate between childish gaiety and Slavic melancholy. Lukasheva, with her wonderful voice, obviously has great fun and approaches them with impulsive verve and delightfully exuberant improvisations. And East Drive open up new worlds of sound in the 13 songs, at times accompanied by a string quartet."  

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