The contemporary voice of Turkish music Werke von Ahmed Adnan Saygun, Ilhan Usmanbas, Fazil Say, Muammer Sun, Meliha Doguduyal

The contemporary voice of Turkish music

Atilla Aledemir, violin
Şevki Karayel, piano

catalog number 21026

This CD presents works of composers from different periods, who could justly be said to represent “the contemporary voice of Turkish music”. The selection of works for violin and piano does justice to the technical peculiarities of each individual work and gives a hearing to Turkish music of the 20th century as a whole.

"This CD recording can claim to be one of the most serious and professional productions of works by Turkish composers which has ever been released, either in Turkey or elsewhere in the world. It fills me with pride and pleasure to have played, with my composition, a small part in this production."  Fazil Say