Laura Ruiz Ferreres Werke für Klarinette Solo

Laura Ruiz Ferreres
Works for solo clarinet

catalog number 21049

As differing as the works on this CD at first appear, which, after all span a period from 1940 to 1987, almost 50 years, there are certain "threads" which can be spun between some of them, which endow them with loose connections: Berio and Stockhausen’s idea of polyphonic listening, Denisov and Donatoni’s extremely contrasting movements within the framework of a two movement work, Messiaen and Donatoni’s renunciation of a classical dramaturgy and perception of time, and Penderecki’s doing just the opposite, demonstrative virtuosity by Berio, Donatoni and Bucchi, lyrical quality by Penderecki and Denisov.

"After only a few minutes of Luciano Berio’s Sequenza IX, the first work in a recital of solo works from the second half of the 20th century, it is obvious that the Spanish clarinet player Laura Ruiz Ferreres is an exceptional, or even better, a phenomenal musician. Her creative power, the extreme sensuousness of her playing and the variety of her tone are fascinating. Her excellent technique allows her to play the most technically difficult passages with apparent ease. One does not often hear runs played with such sparkle and clarity. She is also a master of avant-garde sound effects and has, for example, a perfect double-tongue staccato, all of which makes her the ideal performer of this cross-section of contemporary solo repertoire for the clarinet."
Heribert Haase in „das orchester“