Beethoven in Stalingrad. Eine Konzertreise

Beethoven in Stalingrad. A Concert Tour

A film by Claudia and Günter Wallbrecht

Tabea Zimmermann, Viola
Lina Liu, Soprano | Almerija Delic, Alto
Sergej Grankwist, Tenor | Michael Kansanzew, Bariton
Choir of the Kalmückien Republic
Philharmonic Choir Volgograd
Boys’ Choir Volgograd
Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra
Wolgograder Akademisches Sinfonieorchester
Conducted by: Andreas Hotz / Edward SerovWolgograder Akademisches Sinfonieorchester

catalog number 21083 (DVD)

In January 2013 the Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra started off on a very special journey: to Volgograd, the former Stalingrad – the city which, because of the events of the winter of 1942/43, has become a symbol of the horrors of war.
70 years after the end of the Battle of Stalingrad Russian and German musicians want to perform a joint memorial concert. Will the very different cultures of remembrance come together in “Alle Menschen werden Brüder”? With great sensitivity the filmmakers Claudia and Günter Wallbrecht accompany the musicians of both orchestras on their fascinating path towards a common goal.