Canto doloroso e danza
Chamber Music by Christoph Schickedanz
Catalog number 21139
“I keep on hearing sounds and music internally, and when I set about making arrangements of Piano Quartets for a new chamber music ensemble I felt such a strong urge, a need, and also the curiosity to put something of my own down on the paper, that I threw all my reservations out of the window and wrote my own Piano Quartet as my first opus.” There are many ways to become a composer. One of them is the way which Christoph Schickedanz himself describes here: Based on the one hand on arrangements for chamber music ensembles and on the other from continually hearing sounds in his head, which have accompanied him for decades during his international career as a violinist. Gradually this led to his decision to become artistically creative in a second area, to use his dual talent as an interpreter and composer, instead of suppressing it.  
Sonata for violin and piano
Sebastian Schmidt, violin
Bernhard Fograscher, piano 
Metamorfosi for viola and piano
Roland Glassl, viola 
Cornelia Glassl, piano 
Canto doloroso e danza
Anja Schröder, violoncello 
Quintett for trumpet, violin, viola, violoncello and piano
Emilia Suchlich, trumpet 
Christoph Schickedanz, violin
Malte Koch, viola 
Mathias Beyer-Karlshøj, violoncello 
Holger Spegg, piano