21127Nataša Mirković & Michel Godard
Risplendenti, riversi 

Nataša Mirković, voice
Michel Godard, serpent, e-bass
Luciano Biondini, accordion
Jarrod Cagwin, percussion

catalog number 21127

After the first, highly praised album En el Amor (German Record Critics’ Award) Nataša Mirković and Michel Godard present their new program “Risplendenti, riversi”, continuing the long-term collaboration with Jarrod Gagwin on percussion and with the amazing accordion-player Luciano Biondini.

recorded at Former synagogue of St. Pölten
"TRANSFIGURED by creativity and soul, this everlasting music sounds wholly new and yet eternal. The resonance of Nataša´s voice is mesmerizing, it stops you in tour track, you simply must listen and delight! The musical partnership has never been fuller or more natural with Godard´s masterful playing of the serpent, the joy of Biondini´s accordion and the fantastic, reliable, pulse of Cagwin´s versatile percussion. This CD is a rare gem destined to become a classic."  Maja Vasiljevic. “Rumbo al este”, Radio Clásica. Spain
"One of the best albums this period. Bravissimo!"  Giorgos Markakis, Third Radio Channel of Greece
"Accompanied by Michel, Nataša, Luciano and Jarrod, we travel through lands and time, languages and sonorities on an unusual route spanning neighboring cultures: Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy, France. The journey circles lives to spark dances and loves, producing its own rites, its own encounters, and a profound sense of the sacred. It follows a perpetual pilgrimage over the centuries - each a trace of grace.“  Maurizio Bussia / Fabbrica Europa