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Moscow Tears - live at bird's eye Basel

Olga Konkova - piano
Stephan Kurmann - bass
Bodek Janke - drums & tabla
Katalognummer: 21125

Wenige PianistInnen können in ihrer Biografie auf ihre Studienzeit sowohl an der berühmten Gnessin-Musikakademie in Moskau (Klavier und Komposition) wie auch am Berklee College of Music in Boston verweisen. Olga Konkova wurde in Moskau geboren und studierte an beiden legendären Hochschulen. Seit 1994 lebt sie in Norwegen. 

Den schweizerischen Bassisten Stephan Kurmann lernte sie beim Focusyear am Jazzcampus Basel kennen. Auf erste Konzerte in Norwegen folgten im August 2019 vier Abende im bird's eye Jazzclub in Basel gemeinsam mit dem grandiosen Schlagzeuger Bodek Janke.
"Moscow Tears is dedicated to my old piano in Moscow, which I got in 1974. Mom and my grandmother had to borrow lots of money from the bank to be able to buy it, and it took many years to finish the paying back. The instrument itself is called 'Red October' and I practiced on it every day for at least 15 years – Bach, Schubert, Rachmaninoff and so much more - and then later jazz in different styles. When I was visiting my mother in September 2014, two hours before travelling back to Norway, I opened the piano lid and started playing. It was a heartbreaking and very emotional moment, my old beloved instrument was absolutely not playable; some keys did not work at all and the rest completely out of tune. I burst into tears with nostalgia and started composing a tune, writing on a blank piece of paper, then completed the composition in Norway the next day. I never changed a note or a chord of it, it came out like I felt that very moment.“ Olga Konkova