Friedhelm Döhl Edition Vol. X Musik für Solostreicher

Friedhelm Döhl Edition Vol. 10
Music for Solo Strings

catalog number 21044

Friedhelm Döhl wrote music for all genres, from solo instruments to large numbers of participants, from the small lyrical form to symphonic cycles. If one looks closely at his complete compositional works it is apparent that the various principles are interconnected, the symphonic with the lyrical (e.g. ‘Winterreise. String Quartett’) and the lyrical in the symphonic (e.g. ‘Gesang der Frühe’ for large orchestra). Vol. 1-5 contain works for samller ensembles (Chamber Music, Piano, open Grand Piano, Song cycles, Song scenes and Microdramas) whereas in Vol. 6-9 his large-scale works can be found (Concertos, Requiem, orchestral works).

Vol. 10 is dedicated to his ‘music for solo strings’ – for violin, viola, cello, violin/cello, double bass, - performed by excellent specialists of their instruments, who were in close contact to the composer and with whom he enjoyed working: Zakhar Bron (violin), Corinna Golomoz (viola), Johannes Moser (cello), Christiane Edinger / Ulf Tischbirek (violin / cello), Jörg Linowitzki (double bass).