21131Mevan Younes 

catalog number 21131

Mevan Younes, buzuq
Anastasia Suvorov, piano
Mikail Yakut, accordion
Hogir Göregen, percussion
Dina Bolshakova, violoncello
Mevan Younes aims to persuade his audience to partake in an aesthetically artistic adventure with his instrument, the buzuq. This creates quite diversified and contradictory worlds. Various styles of music form a common thread and a context for this journey. They carry the music as the ether carries the light.

“The music on ETHER reveals Mevan Younes' mastery and finesse as an instrumentalist and composer, all the while forming a unique, symbiotic, vigorous new being with his own self as a man and musician.“  Maja Vasiljevic, Rumbo al Este - Radio Nacional de España