Mahler. Complete Symphonies
Stuttgarter Philharmoniker,
Dortmunder Philharmoniker
Gabriel Feltz
Catalog number 21140
10 CD / 4 multi-channel SACD
To record such a global oeuvre as Gustav Mahler’s ten symphonies is a truly Herculean task. After 15 years of intensive musical labour, Gabriel Feltz, former participant of the Deutsche Musikrat’s Conductors Forum and now General Music Director of the City of Dortmund, has produced a really impressive complete recording, and is the only German conductor of his generation to have done so.
Two orchestras, namely the Stuttgart Philharmonic and the Dortmund Philharmonic, can be heard on this highly acclaimed CD cycle. Once again it reveals Feltz’s instinct to focus on the inner core of Mahler’s music, even in these almost over-exuberant works. Fono Forum praised him for his “recordings which are conceived with a cool head”, and the Stuttgarter Nachrichten rejoiced at “a production of unfettered sound contrasts”.
In September 2021 the project reached its dazzling conclusion with the release of the stunning 9th symphony and the original, two movement fragment of the 10th symphony.
The edition contains a 108 pages booklet with work comments by Gabriel Feltz and an original text by Volker Hagedorn.
"... a superbly recorded new cycle of the ‘complete’ symphonies. ... Listen, love and learn afresh."  
Rob Cowan
"Meanwhile, the wild world of recordings serves up two new off-the-beaten-path readings of Mahler symphonies —Gabriel Feltz's of the Second, Francois-Xavier Roth's of the Fourth— guaranteed to shake loose the last cobwebs clinging to what are now the standard interpretations."
Tim Pfaff on Mahler 2 in Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco