21146Noémie Chemali - OPUS 961

Works by
Wajdi Abou Diab, Sami Seif,
Layale Chaker, Noémie Chemali,
Mary Kouyoumdjian, 
Saad Haddad

Shaleah Feinstein, violin
Noémie Chemali, viola
Raffi Boden, violoncello
Yann Chemali, violoncello
Kebra-Seyoun Charles, double bass
Lauren Scanio, flute
Deanna Cirielli, harp

catalog number 21146

An ode to Lebanon - Noémie Chemali, New York-based violist, writer and composer releases her debut album on Dreyer Gaido. "Opus 961 is my debut album of solo viola and chamber music by young Lebanese composers. An ode to Lebanon, 961 nods to the country’s telephone code and celebrates the resilience of the people of Beirut after the 2020 seaport explosion. As a first-generation Lebanese French-American, this tragedy hit close to home as my grandmother’s home was destroyed in the blast that day."

Noémie Chemali