Sistanagila & Guy Braunstein

Yuval Halpern - vocals, synths
Omri Abramov - soprano saxophone, synths, EWI
Hemad Darabi - guitar
Avi Albers Ben Chamo - double bass
Jawad Salkhordeh - tonbak, daf, vocals
Guy Braunstein - violin

Catalog number: 21143

With their project Sistanagila, Israeli and Iranian musicians living in Berlin seek dialogue by approaching each other, listening to each other with curiosity and playing together. Carried by centuries-old Jewish and Iranian musical traditions, the musicians embark on a journey that ultimately leads them to themselves. Bazaar represents a new phase for Sistanagila. This Album is a connection between what was, what is, and what is to come. We are taken on a trip to an old market place where different stalls offer a colorful pallet of musical styles, from acoustic to electronic, folklore to classic, jazz to ambient. At the heart of the Bazaar is the violin virtuoso Guy Braunstein, joining Sistanagila for their originally composed “Four Oriental Seasons", showcasing a new style of concerto for a classical virtuoso and band. As we stroll along the smell of different spices enwrap us, we watch the sunlight play with the shade, and experience a fusion of composition, improvisation, and imagination.